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  • Moth Traps for Clothes & Pranty Moth, Pheromone Traps, Safe, Odor-Free, Highly Effective 6 Packs

Moth Traps for Clothes & Pranty Moth, Pheromone Traps, Safe, Odor-Free, Highly Effective 6 Packs

(120 customer reviews)


  • High safety for kids and pets, No need to remove kitchen or closet items.

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  • POWERFUL DUAL PREMIUM PHEROMONE: We use the Clothes and Pantry dual premium pheromone produced in the United States, The largest range of coverage of common moths in American families. Captures the male moth by releasing a natural dual premium pheromone attractant, which leads to the female will not be fertilized and no further eggs will be laid. Moth traps catch a variety of male moths to break the moth breeding cycle.
  • ALL-AROUND MOTH TRAPS: Dual premium pheromones include the Clothes moth pheromones and the Pantry moth pheromone. Clothes moth pheromone-catching target is Webbing (Common) Clothes Moth (Tineola bisselliella), Case Bearing (Making) Moth (Tinea pellionella), White Shouldered House Moth (Endrosis sarcitrella), and Brown House Moth (Hofmannophila pseudospretella). Pantry moth pheromone-catching target is the cocoa moth, tobacco moth, warehouse moth, pantry moth, Indian moth, food moth, and so on. So you no
  • ODOR-FREE & NATURAL AND SAFE: For the health of your family, please give up the harmful and inferior moth traps and mothballs, Dangerous chemical products have a lot of potential damage to your body. Our made USA natural dual moth traps closet clothing pheromones provide 100% SAFE PROTECTION, WITHOUT stinking up your favorite sweaters! For about $30, you get SECURITY!
  • LONG-LASTING PROTECTION: We installed the pheromone in the hose to make it last longer.Three months of product life after opening the aluminum platinum bag and tearing the protective paper.
  • High safety for kids and pets, No need to remove kitchen or closet items.

120 reviews for Moth Traps for Clothes & Pranty Moth, Pheromone Traps, Safe, Odor-Free, Highly Effective 6 Packs

  1. Eil.WK

    ?Worked very well to catch the majority of the moths in the first week.

  2. Lynette

    This moth trap is awesome! I had so many moths in my guest room closet. As soon as I put this out the moths were instantly attracted to it. It caught so many. Highly recommended!!!

  3. KMigMO

    These work awesome, instant moth catchers…

  4. Debra l. Vander Werff

    They are awesome!!! Highly recommended! Well worth the money! Over 60 moths in 2 days

  5. Alan Phillip

    Thank you

  6. Joshua Weiss

    Moths kept accumulating in our basement. Set two by the window and it collects them like a magnet. Some don’t get caught but stay near it — have a shop vac ready. Great product and I highly recommend.

  7. Jenifer Seaver

    These actually work well. Although I was to grossed out with all the moths stuck on the trap that I didn’t take a picture. I also like that these are not toxic for my kiddos. Any insect that touches these glue traps will get stuck to them. I’ve tried a few other brands. They didn’t work as well as this one did. Definitely worth purchasing.

  8. Sporty

    Really really effective! I put 3 out and they have many moths trapped! When I first opened the packages up to get them folded in, I have moths hovering around me trying to get close to the triangular boxes! After 1 week, I haven’t seen too many moths very often now. I am so amazed!

  9. Grandmotherp

    My husband set the traps in various rooms. The 1st day nothing..then realized a sheet of plastic had to be removed that was covering the bottom surface. Did a great job, no smell at all. Haven’t seen any moth activity in days. Will definitely order another set if we see additional moths.

  10. Lila Rawlings

    I like the product because it didn’t smell strong like the moth balls do. Not sure if that is good or bad yet. But I hate that moth ball smell on my clothes and wanted to try something that does not smell and make me sick. It helps too that it is non-toxic. The set up was quick and easy. I opened up the package, pulled down the strip and put the box in a triangle form. It has a very sticky film and a red thing in the middle.

  11. Doris

    I was so struggling with buying this moth trap. I have a cat and my roommate also has one. But I saw there is a sign of “Amazon’s choice” and the pantry has natural pheromone attractant safe non-toxic with no insecticides. What’s more, there is a very detailed instruction on how to use the moth trap. I put trust in it and leave it in the kitchen. The trap is very sticky and flies can’t get rid of it when they are trapped. It works great.

  12. Karen1124

    Small and inconspicuous. Catches spiders and crickets too.

  13. A. Mack

    I thought these were knock-offs since the package was full of typos and poor English, but they worked very well. I put these next to cheaper ones (Dr. Killigan’s) in my flour cabinet and on top of my refrigerator. This one caught a ton of moths, and the other one didn’t catch any. I haven’t been able to catch any moths in my closet with this one. Not sure if it’s because there aren’t any or because it doesn’t work as well for clothes moths.

  14. D. Varga

    There are two types of moths that will invade your home and These things Work on both of them.

  15. Jlollio

    These are great. Easy to assemble and no smell.

  16. OrangeSoda2000

    So simple – each trap is individually packaged. Rip the package open, peel off the protective film from the sticky part, fold the cardboard, and set it out. Then wait for those little buggers to get stuck! Best part is there is no nasty smell!

  17. J. Reid

    Comes with several traps. Easy to set up.

  18. Kindle Customer

    These have great potential, unfortunately since I purchased them, we’ve had mostly freezing weather and apparently moths have hibernated! I expect to get much better results as we approach spring and even into summer.

  19. Jennifer Norris

    So far these have proven successful. We don’t get moths in our pantry or closet but I placed them by the back door. I have not been disappointed

  20. Hanh Nguyen

    These moth trap are the best if you live In the south. I’m from. Louisiana so of course bugs are all over the place. I place one in my backyard where I usually grill, and I was shock at how many moth it had caught in there. There’s no odor to it. Easy to pop it up. Super simple and easy storage since it’s flat. It is seal individually

  21. Martha Joyce

    These are really handy to have to attract and trap moths to stop food damage in my pantry. I had a bag of natural pecan flour that must have had moth larva that hatched… yuck! Ruined so many of my dry goods as moths got into other bags of flour and cornmeal, etc. Even after removing all spoiled food they remained until I set these traps! Also put them in my closet where moths have damaged wool clothing.

  22. KGRoo

    I was completely surprised; this really works. I didn’t even think I had a moth problem, but I just found 2 moths that this captured. My clothes and I are very happy!

  23. Marie Smith

    This worked well for my pantry moths which made it into my kitchen via infested birdseed. I was amazed when I opened the first trap. Moths came flying as soon as I peeled the protective cover. Many worked their way into the trap and quite a number just hovered so I swatted a number of these. More were caught within the next few weeks. I tossed the old trap and put a new one out today and only caught one moth today so I’m feeling confident that my problem os almost solved. I did buy a rival brand at the same time and put that one out and it also caught many moths despite the fact that it cost half as much. This brand is advertised to be for pantry and clothes moths whereas the less expensive brand is just for pantry moths, however. Either brand worked well for my problem but they were definitely pantry moths.

  24. Book Lover

    I just moved into a new home and all my stuff that was in storage for 5 years must have been a moth breeding ground. I have spent the last two weeks chasing moths. The exterminator came two weeks ago but last week when the weather warmed up and it started raining, a new crop of moths arrived. I¡¯ve set up 4 tents. One was almost completely filled. I put a fresh one out in the same rom today, it¡¯ about a 1/4 full tonight. I like that it¡¯s not smelly.

  25. Meg Cummins

    My mother in law has pantry moths and this has definitely helped to cut down on them. Thanks!

  26. P.Schott

    Easy to set up, ordorless and I Caught my first moth last night. Looks like I¡¯ve finally found a solution to my moth problem. I¡¯ve tried moth balls, but hate the smell. I¡¯ve tried cedar blocks, but they seem to dry up really fast. Looking forward to not having moth holes in my clothes!! Very pleased with my purchase.

  27. LMW

    I am anxious to use these, it’s a bit early for moths yet but I’m hoping they will work as previous reviewers have stated. They look simple to use and I will post a follow up.

  28. Sherri

    I have an irrational fear of bugs, especially trying to live with them. These traps make me feel a lot more comfortable, thank you!

  29. Careful Consumer

    My coat closet has peace of mind now. I had a really nice wool coat long ago that moths infested, so I am always worried about moth damage for my wool coats. With this trap set up and in place, I won’t have to worry any more …

  30. LoJo

    Bought these for my mom who has had problems with moths in her pantry. May be too soon in the season to fully test. She hasn’t caught any moths but she hasn’t seen any either. The package design is nice and versatile depending on the size of your space.

  31. Lewis S. Coleman

    Excellent performance of great music.

  32. Jac1528

    I kept getting tiny holes in my clothes so I thought it was moths and tried this. Turns out it¡¯s not moths so I didn¡¯t need this product but it is easy to use and has worked for several friends of mine who had moths!

  33. HappyGal

    Product does what it claims, i’m ordering more right now!

  34. Gitchalong

    These seemed to take awhile before anything happened. They did the job eventually.

  35. Rafael Rozo

    Good product, delivered as expected. Not sure it works, since I never found a single moth trapped

  36. Gaby

    First time in 50 years I ever had to deal with these buggers. Started in fall of 2018 & took 2 orders of 4 each to get rid of.
    This year I started earlier & they are nowhere to be seen!! You have to kill the males early on or your screwed.
    I now know way too much about these gross things! This brand is the best!

  37. Comfort_Creature

    Works and i am too lazy to take a picture of how are trapped, but they are. This triangles are full of disgusting gray moth that apparently lives or lived in my house. i don’t see them flying but somehow they find the way into house and around it 🙁
    It started with moth infestation in pantry and i threw away all products except canned ones and wiped tops of metal cans and also put all dishes that were in pantry thru the dishwasher for a second time. Next, i sprayed shelves with antibac and places on each shelf one of these contraptions. Low and behold, every shelf had at least 1 overlooked creature…finally got rid of them in the pantry and now places these contraptions around the house and garage. They are full of caught moth.

  38. LING

    Astonishing how many moths it catches! Definitely recommend for clothes moth control

  39. Martha Dugas

    My computer room was being invaded it seemed by moths. This trap seems to be the best. It has attracted the moths and there are many of them trapped since yesterday. I think this is the only I’ll purchase from now on. This is now my trap of choice.

  40. bluestocking64

    I came to this product page to re-purchase this dual trap. I was surprised to see the negative reviews. It has worked for me. I didn’t have an infestation. I did have moth holes in beloved cashmere sweaters. So I put all other really valuable woolens into a drawer and this trap into the closet. I haven’t noticed new holes in other clothing.

  41. Brooks

    More expensive than most but more effective.

  42. Anne Jentry

    Traps performed as expected.

  43. Donna A. Elliott

    Holy cow, these actually work super well! I pretty much have clothes moths, exclusively…they had been fluttering about for about a month (sometimes even near my head, the brazen little dudes!). Put down four of these traps around the closets and bedroom, and over the course of 3 days have caught about 25 of them. Far fewer flittering about now, so guessing those are the girls going “hello? Where did all the boys go?” Too bad, so sad, no loving for you. At any rate, I highly recommend these for clothes moths…easy to set up, absolutely no odors, and clearly quite effective!

  44. Maria

    Very happy with the results. These traps work great in closets and on the floor to trap ants and other crawling critters!

  45. Lee B.

    Caught an impressive amount of moths, very effective. We will buy more when we run out.

  46. TC

    These do as they say, and without the smell of mothballs. I put some underneath my dresser, and some more in drawers. They attracted (and trapped) moths fairly quickly. Only reason I didn’t give 5-stars is I wish they were a little narrower, to better fit in a cramped drawer.

  47. Marisa Frances

    Works well

  48. Amazon Customer

    They seem to be working!

  49. Sue Burkley

    To get rid of pantry moths. Remember to clean the pantry out first and get rid of whatever they¡¯re breeding in.

  50. MommaE

    This helped trap moths in our clothes closets, and worked pretty quickly.

  51. Amazon Customer

    I used this product for all the moths that manage to squeeze through my window, when I have the a.c. unit in, during the summertime. Pros: I can hide them in corners of my room and forget about them. Once you find the right spot it does the job. I’ve caught other bugs as well. Con’s: only six in the package for the price, and dust will stick to them over time.

  52. Judy Dalton

    These arrived quickly and well packaged. I¡¯d seen several moths in my bird¡¯s room, possibly from seed so I ordered.
    Holy cow! Good thing I did! There obviously were many more unseen…until caught in the traps!
    It¡¯s early yet for more details, but, oh yes! They work!

  53. christa mitchell

    Works like a dream. Within an hour I had several caught in each trap.

  54. Christina Black

    These moth traps are reliable and let me know when I have to check my woolens. I have had an off-and-on problem with clothing moths for years and I know I can count on this brand of traps to be accurate about when the larvae are hatching.

  55. Many frogs kissed

    I suffer from moths which every year attack my rugs and woolens. I¡¯ve tried everything on the market in addition to keeping an extra clean house. If you can¡¯t put your woolens in dry cleaner storage, these traps work. I don¡¯t use them for pantry moths. These are great to put into closets and in strategic areas under lamps and in bathrooms as moths like damp rooms.

  56. Pablo N.

    Well I didn’t catch any moths, but that’s probably not the product’s fault.. I probably don’t have any despite finding some wholes in my shirts. I would give it 5 stars but the graphic design is just awful. Why can’t they make something that’s not an eyesore and that people have to hide in inconspicuous places?

  57. Maggie

    When I could not order my favorite moth traps, (Angeol – Made in Wuhan China) I had to order another brand. I looked for the two pheromone strips and found them on the PTCLTRAPS8. These traps are adequate, but are only 4- 1/2″long so collect fewer moths and don’t cover the territory that the 7-1/4 Angeol traps did. Still, they do work, I just have to by more of them.

  58. Ann Carlander

    I noticed a couple of moths in our den that has Egyptian carpets and other important items where moths love to live. This product started working immediately and I was astounded at how many moths that it caught.

  59. Marilyn K. Vann

    They do work on getting the moths trapped

  60. Amazon Customer

    These traps are the best. I¡¯ve used others, but they have not been as good as these. I have a wool rug that a friend gave to me that was infested. I find that these traps are a good way to maintain the number of moths that seem to appear. I vacuum as well, but it¡¯s hard because the rug is under the bed and it¡¯s hard to reach every single spot. I will continue to order them!

  61. GR28

    Great product, works well. I was skeptical about the price, but it has been worth it since the traps were easy to set up, don¡¯t have any funky smell like other products and have actually caught moths.

  62. Maureen A Foster

    Worked better than any other moth trap.

  63. Kevin Moran

    Works great

  64. SBNYC

    Does what it says it¡¯s supposed to do

  65. Shawn Bescheinen

    30 minutes ago I received and opened this to use for the first time. I placed one trap in my closet and just checked on it; there are already several moths that have been captured. There is no discernable scent from either the pheremones or the glue.

  66. Laru

    Very safe for kids and pets, no odor easy to setup & works great. Will buy again!

  67. M. S. Black

    These moth traps are the only ones that really work! Have tried others and the results are just not the same.

  68. Carp

    They really do attract the moths.

  69. lisa Humbert

    These moth traps have worked for me better than anything else I have used. Here where I live, it’s the small light-colored moths that feed on wool, etc, and this trap does the job of trapping them.

  70. Betsy Kells

    We¡¯ve been plagued by moths for the last year and this trap has proven to be a good value for the money as it helps us to prevent lost clothes due to moth larvae.

  71. P. Paxton

    Really like the thickness of this product it catches the moths and has made my life so much easier in my clothes and my pantry it definitely has value for the money

  72. n

    I have used these traps off and on over the years, as needed.
    The last purchase was due to an ¡°invasion¡± of destructive pantry moths, with these traps (and wiping down my pantry) taking care of the problem. Now I use the traps as preventative and always have one set out.
    I also have one on my closet door handle, and I¡¯m always surprised at how it will catch the rouge closet moth, attempting to make my cashmere its next meal.
    Effective and a quality trap. I¡¯ve used others in the past, but not with as good of results.

  73. Thaddeus E Olchowski

    These work well and give me peace of mind esp in the winter months that my sweaters won¡¯t be destroyed!

  74. Amazon Customer

    Seemed to catch some moths. But unclear from packaging how long they stay ¡°fresh¡±.

  75. Kindle Customer

    Love them. Tried others, they are not as good.

  76. christina

    Fabulous non-toxic no odor solution to keeping your valuable wool garments moth hole free. Absolutely no odor. Forget moth balls!

  77. Roberta Ballard

    Although the product seems pricey it¡¯s well worth the spend because it really works.
    I use it in multiple areas.
    Pantry,closets.and also as a fly trap.

  78. Karen U.

    For my closet. Easy to assemble and works great.

  79. Carrie

    Best moth trap I have ever used!! So much better than other brands!!

  80. Betty Kayton

    Worked great for the first two weeks

  81. Cari Smith

    The traps are easy to use and work well for catching pantry moths. I put one in each of my dry food storage areas. I will install new traps next year if I start seeing a new batch of buggers.

  82. Christopher Jonathan Gattman

    Easy to install, now waiting to catch moths

  83. Reid V. Mueller

    Easier to fold up and assemble than other brands. Works great and for a considerable time. I would buy again if the moths return. I¡¯ve tried several brands and this is the best one.

  84. Clementine R Oliver

    They really work! No more destroyed Cashmere!

  85. LKnight

    Easy to set up
    Small enough to fit in tight spots
    Good value for the money
    No odor and no poison
    It is a sticky pheromone trap so careful with your fingertips when setting up

    I¡¯m a felted so this will be helpful as a proactive measure to prevent any wool pests.

  86. Deb

    ETA: very quick results and I will buy them again as needed

    So far, these traps seem to be very effective! I set them up today and they are the moth equivalent of the office water cooler.

  87. Maria

    Its good quality

  88. Will King

    They worked great! Didn¡¯t smell, easy setup, and (to my dismay) caught a lot of them very quickly after being put out.

  89. elsie

    Still haven¡¯t caught anything in my traps three weeks after setting them out. They are definitely sticky enough to catch something if it crawls in.. so maybe my problem wasn¡¯t as bad as I thought.

  90. Kelsey Weiser

    These are awesome! Nothing worse than realizing you have a clothing moth infestation. Things were about to get realllllly bad woth a lot of larvae bout to hatch and luckily I found it !
    With the eight traps I set up around my home I have caught over 40 moths ! Muahahaha ! I took precautions as Well to purchase cedar wood chips and with these things working together I safely eradicated the moth intrusion. Don¡¯t hesitate these pheromone traps actually work ! Just don¡¯t forget to take the peel off lol I did that at first make sure the sticky is exposed, thank you for such a great invention ! Way better than fumigating.

  91. Jessie D

    East and low cost. Would recommend!

  92. Maggie Delaney

    Great product and got rid of the moths with ease

  93. Susan Hassmann

    These are so simple to use, love that there is no chemical involved and safe for children and pets!

  94. Melissa Smith

    Captured moths within the first few days

  95. Jess

    Have tried other brands and problem still persisted with only one or two moths being caught. After putting in closet for two weeks I came back and checked and trap was full. Moths were definitely attracted to trap. Was easy to set up and dispose of.

  96. Marion Murphy

    I worked !

  97. Marj

    These worked for some moths but I had other traps that caught more in the same spot. Would try again as an all around solution to catching the flying buggers.

  98. ACI

    Totally worth the money! Best traps around – always full!

  99. Mary C McLeod

    caught moths.

  100. JFS

    Received as described, just put them out will let you know how they work.

  101. Amazon Customer

    The traps work as advertised. I’m satisfied and relieved to be controling the infestation.

  102. AML

    Works well. Definitely attracts these little moths specifically.

  103. Sarah H

    Within a few days I started seeing moths in the traps. So far so good.

  104. nicholas rubino

    We have our fingers crossed. The product seems to be higher quality. Will update with results

  105. PaperMan

    Works great! Catching all the male moths.

  106. Kristie V

    These work, and work GREAT. They attract and capture the males to avoid breeding, which will eventually end the cycle of the moth infestation we apparently had and didn’t know about! We noticed a couple months flying around in our bedroom, and there was a small amount of damage to a wool rug. I figured we might have a tiny cloths moth issue, so I ordered these traps. OMG. Seriously, within the space if a day, two traps were full of moths (and these are just the males!), So I’ve now put all 5 out and they are continuing to catch more. I had no idea how MANY we had. I’ve done all the other cleaning (went through ALL of our clothes and washed them, vacuum everything at least once a day) and yet, we still keep finding new males in the traps every day!

    We have animals (cats and dogs) that come into the bedroom, so we can’t use any pesticides to deal with this. This product has been the perfect solution to help us deal with this issue while keeping our pets safe.

  107. Marta D Nieburg


  108. Anonymous

    These traps work great! No smell, and last up to 3 months. Great value and can work in any room in your house. No need to keep checking. Great if you¡¯re not looking to use ¡°bombs¡± or pesticides. I will purchase them again!

  109. Shea Powell

    It worked it helped me get the situation under control. Thank you!!!!!!

  110. John F. Foschio

    Excellent product! It¡¯s my second purchase.

  111. ak

    These are great – i have other brands but the moths seem to come to these first. They are pricey but effective. There is no scent and they are easy to use . They do need to be replaced regularly but they help keep you aware of the moth activity so you can keep these destructive little monsters away

  112. Dr.Lynn

    icky sticky bug traps trap all the icky sticky bugs and save your clothes.

  113. antofthesky

    We had a clothes moth infestation. Bought two packets of these and left them out. They’re a great supplement to assist with removing clothes moths, in addition to the usual removing all items out of the closet, treating them (by heat or washing), and vacuuming and sanitizing the area. I used the this along with an electric bug zapper.

  114. Melba

    I was concerned that this would be ineffective and was very pleased to find that it worked perfectly. There were many more trapped moths than I anticipated and it was easy to use and set up. No smell. Felt safe. I have already ordered them again – just to have on hand in case of another problem.

  115. PL

    There is no obvious scent to humans, they are super easy to assemble and place in the location where you have moths. We placed them in several locations in our lab and all the moths were gone within a week. I was really happy with the results.

  116. Amazon Customer

    I’ve had wool moths for decades and never fully eradicated them. I have tried everything and this is the first product where I am finally getting rid of the moths.

  117. Jaimie Houghton-Thompson

    We got cheaper ones at first and they did nothing. Bought these and the moths flocked to it. Great value.

  118. B. T. Roche

    Bought these after finding some moths in woolens in a dark closet. These tents are easy to set up and use, and worked immediately. They are set up around the house and have already caught plenty of moths – seems like they¡¯re going to solve the problem!

  119. Jeffrey Bernstein

    I purchased this product to remove moths from my house of which there were many. I set up the PTCLTRAPS8 Dual Moth Traps in my Kitchen pantry and clothes closet. My Moth problem dissipated and I ended up only seeing one Moth. There were many male Moths stuck to the sticky layer which were attracted to the natural pheromone in the trap. The trap is easy to assemble and is Eco-Friendly. Replaces the smelly and potentially carcinogenic Moth Balls of yesterday, as well as other poisons.

  120. Richard Goldenberg

    Traps moths effectively and naturally

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