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Professional in pest control products.

Here is our awesome team

Savvy mind, keen business sense led us to successfully develop many new markets, is the soul of our team and the core figure.

In charge of the brand "Ptcltraps8".


ceo of firm

Specializing in EPA regulations for 7 years, we have extensive experience in product safety compliance to ensure that all products are sold in compliance.

Kevin kutcel

EPA Compliance Consultant

Specialized in marketing for many years, we have rich experience in product sales expansion to ensure that all products can solve customer pain points.


Marketing Director

Specializing in human resources for many years, we have rich experience in talent management to ensure the steady and fast development of our team.

Lisa Bellucci

human resources

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We have benefited from the professional advice and excellent products of the PTCLTRAPS8 brand, where we can find even better professional pest control products and trustworthy business partners. We highly recommend the PTCLTRAPS8 brand of products.

Hilary Mason

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We specialize in pest control products and provide safe, cost-effective pest control solutions.
If you have any questions about our products, or would like to purchase our products wholesale, please contact the email below.     -----Peter


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